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About me

 When I started sewing, lots of things I loved came together. I have drawn all my life and embroidery feels like another medium to draw in. I really like its meditative and rhythmic qualities.  


  I have a fascination with the small things - the hidden and the hiding, I enjoy filling my work with detail and things you might not spot straight away. I love to walk and look. Coming from the suburbs of London - my happiest childhood memories are walking in the woods with my Dad, and a 'Spotters Guide' book or two. I continue to be inspired by the abundance and beauty of the small things under our feet and natures ability to flourish anywhere.



I start a piece of work by making a small sketch and hand sew directly on to a cotton or linen background. I usually know what I want to include in each picture and I like to keep it lively so I don't plan too much. I draw from life and reference images as I go.


I use a variety of thread: old Sylkos, pure silk and cotton to create different textures and thickness of line, I may also add areas of applique. 


 Finally the work is stretched and pictures are beautifully box framed by Toby West in Truro. My brooches come in a wool felt pocket to protect them when not being worn.






 I live in Devon, and continue to be inspired by the flora and fauna I see around me. Although I work part-time, I'm lucky enough to be in a coastal town, I live in a caravan and so get to see all sorts of interesting things which find their way into my work.


 I started sewing 10 years ago, whilst living on a boat. My brooches became a way of recording all the beautiful things I'd seen - a Pipe Fish, seeing the phosphorescence as we rowed or a Purple Hairstreak butterfly from a walk. I studied Illustration and feel my work is influenced by my love of Illustrated books.


Although my work can take weeks or months I enjoy the process, concentration and focus - it's great to spend time doing the thing you love.


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